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Walnut Varieties

Walnut Tree Varieties


Fernor is a late-flowered walnut specie of French origin. It should definitely be recommended for the climates which have problems with spring late frosts. It has the property of early-fruiting. Hull fruit weight is 10-12 gr, kernel weight is 4.5-5.4 gr. The kernel rate is…

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Fernette is specie of French origin and Franquette x Lara hybrid planted as pollinator for Fernor and Chandler. It is out late and has side branch fruits. It has a flowering feature 2-3 days later than the Franquette specie. It grows in the middle strength…

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Chandler is a specie of American walnut. Fruit hull is medium-thickness, oval, less rough. It is among the walnut species with high yield. The number of fruits in the cluster is 1-4. Side branches have a very high yield rate. This rate is 80-90%. It is…

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It is planted as pollinator for walnut species of Franquette, Chandler, and Hartley. Average fruit weight is 11-12 gr, kernel weight 5.3 gr, kernel ratio 46-47% and it has white kernel. Its fruits are somewhat long. Since it is out late, it is considered to…

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