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Sample A Walnut Tree Sales Contract


                                                                    Date: …../…../…….

Mutual agreement has been reached for the saplings on the prices and conditions written against them and this agreement mutually drafted and signed in two (2) copies to be given to seller and buyer.


No: Type: Kind: Tubed/Open Root Length: Quantity Unit Price Amount
1. Grafted Certified Walnut Sapling                      Euro           Euro
2. Grafted Certified Walnut Sapling                      Euro           Euro
Total Amount =           Euro


  1. Customer agreed to make payment in the abovementioned method. VAT included.
  2. Transportation of the saplings belongs to the buyer.
  3. Saplings shall not be uprooted and they shall be uprooted within 15 days after the notification from the customer and shall be sent open-rooted. If customer desires, he/she may present during uprooting.
  4. Saplings are Standard (Yellow) – Certified (Blue) and seller commits that they are Grafted and Correct to its Name.
  5. Seller shall aid the customer after the sale in technical subjects such as maintenance, pruning, and cultivation.
  6. Seller is responsible from drafting documents such as invoice, certificate, and support form for customer to benefit from supports and incentives.
  7. Seller T.R. Id. No Obliged to provide MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY Sapling Certificate and T.R. MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY Seedling Registration and Certification Directorate Standard or Certified Production Material (Sapling Labels).
Of the Selling Firm Of the Buying Person/Company
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 Selling Firm (Stamp + Signature + Date)                                          Buying Person (Customer)


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